Your Life in Christ (DFD 1)

Design for Discipleship 1

By: The Navigators
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This concise, easy-to-follow Bible study reveals what it means to accept God's love for you, keep Christ at the center of your life, and live in the power of the Spirit.

What does it mean to live in Christ?

Whether you're new in the faith or a longtime believer, this concise, easy-to-follow study of God's Word will reveal why it's so important that Christ be at the center of your life. You'll discover why Jesus came to earth, how deeply God loves you, how Christ's life and ministry on earth impacts you today, and how the Holy Spirit is working in your life. Take the first step as Jesus' authentic disciple, and experience Your Life in Christ.

With over 5 million copies sold, this best selling Bible study series features step-by-step lessons, from laying a foundation in Christ to ensuring unfading hope.

Start a personal journey into biblical discipleship. You can learn more about the wealth that is available to you in Jesus Christ through this exciting Bible study series. On your own or in a group you can discover what it means to be a Christ-centered disciple, how to develop Christian character, how to have victory over sin, and how to grow toward maturity in your daily walk with God.

Lessons include: God Cares for You; The Person of Jesus Christ; The Work of Christ; and The Spirit Within You.