Wild Goose Honks

40 Days of Encouragement for Church Leaders

By: Richard Gentry Thompson
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Wild goose honks are not just noise, they are encouragement.

Canadian geese honk it up. If some of the geese start to lag behind, the honks come rapid fire from the rest of the flock. Experts believe those honks of the wild goose are more than just noise-makers – the honks are for encouragement.

In wind-tunnel tests, scientists discovered that geese actually fly 72 percent farther in a V-formation than they could on their own. From time to time, the formation appears to break, but what’s happening is the lead goose is being replaced by another who is more rested so it is now their turn to fight the headwind.

Everyone needs encouragement. With Scripture and relevant stories, Richard Gentry Thompson encourages leaders to fly straight, know where we belong with the formation, drop back when we need to, and take the lead when its time.