Welcome to the Family

… A Membership Manual

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Welcome to the new Welcome to the Family … A Membership Manual. It is a workbook format for learning about the EFCA as part of preparing for membership in a local EFCA church.

This student manual is designed so that you will become informed about both the EFCA and your local Evangelical Free Church. Through the teaching and class interaction, it is our desire that you will come to appreciate the EFCA as a denomination, your church in its beliefs, values and ministry, and that you will also join the membership of your church.

The EFCA 2018 edition – updated 12/2019


  • Introducing the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)
  • Historical Background
  • Distinctives
  • Governing Bodies
  • Mission Statement
  • Ministries
  • District Conferences
  • Statement of Faith
  • The Local Church
  • Importance of Membership
  • Perspectives of Membership
  • Procedures of Membership
  • Responsibilities of Members
  • Involvement in the Church
  • Christian Service Inventory


  • Bible without Error
  • Membership Application
  • Guidelines for Preparing a Personal Testimony