Upper Elementary Teacher’s Guide

Spring 2022

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ISBN: 1050-3
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True to its name, the Upper Elementary Teacher’s Guide directs you and your students through the natural learning cycle, helping you meet the learning needs of all your students. Each of the 13 lessons features a Lesson Focus that states the central truth of the Bible Basis in an easy-to-remember, kid-friendly phrase.

In addition, the teacher’s guide gives meaningful activities for those kids who arrive early for class and for those times when you have extra class time. In between, you’ll find the time-tested four-step lesson plan. Step 1 uses students’ life experiences to relate to the lesson. Step 2 gives them the solid Bible knowledge they need. Step 3 helps them practice the truth they just learned, and Step 4 helps them choose a way to apply the lesson in their everyday lives–a complete cycle of learning that reaches every kind of learner.