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Unleashing Women in the Church

Preparing Servant Leaders to Serve the Church

By: Jeanette Finley Gray
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The majority of churches in North America have lost three essentials necessary for church health and expansion of the gospel … passion for the Lord, His purpose and His power. This has left a vast army of potential servants sitting atrophied in their pews! Church leaders can see the urgent need to transform these spectators into servants before the church weakens and dies. Developing a fresh, passionate workforce is the first work of rebuilding a declining church.

Unleashing Women in the Church is a proven process designed to develop and release new servant leaders into the church. In as little as eight weeks, a new love for the Lord is fanned into flame … spiritual gifts are discovered … goals developed … character refined. As believers we are challenged to ask: “Lord, what do You want me to Be and Do?” When we commit to do it … the church will be revitalized.

This book will ignite a deeper love for the Lord, clarify women’s roles in the Church and encourage the saints to do mighty things for the Lord.