Thriving In A Troubled Church

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Thriving In A Troubled Church

If you are a member of, or have ever been a member of a troubled church, or you just want to be a force for unity and effectiveness in your congregation, Thriving In A Troubled Church is just what the doctor ordered.

The author gives the reader a large dose of hope based on the promises of the Bible and his own experiences at leading churches through revitalization. He then provides the reader with a step-by-step guide to surviving and even thriving in what can often be a painful and perplexing situation. The author has “been there and done that” and is still smiling and helping troubled churches to get healthy and happy.

Brian A. Thorstad loves churches and has served them in a multitude of roles, from church custodian to church health consultant. His eight revitalization interim pastorates were instrumental in preparing him for his ministry of Helping Churches Thrive throughout the USA today. Brian is the author of four NextStep Resources/ ChurchSmart Resources books.