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Theology and the Mirror of Scripture

A Mere Evangelical Account

By: Kevin J. Vanhoozer and Daniel J. Treier
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Evangelicalism has long been a hotly disputed label, and what counts as evangelical theology is often anyone’s guess. Is evangelicalism a static bounded set defined by clear doctrinal limits, or is it a dynamic centered set without a discernible circumference?

In this inaugural volume in the Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture, Kevin Vanhoozer and Daniel Treier present evangelical theology as an “anchored” set, rooted in the Trinity. In response to increasing evangelical fragmentation, Theology and the Mirror of Scripture offers a clarion call to reconceive evangelical theology theologically by reflecting on the God of the gospel as mirrored in Scripture. Such “mere” evangelical theology will be an exercise in Christian wisdom for the purpose of building up the fellowship of saints.