The Inner Life of the Church Planter

By: Gentry McColm
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Church planting is really not something with a definable start and end point. It is something born in a person’s heart and oftentimes it takes years for that ember to become a flame. Yet very few, if any, books address the heart of the Church Planter. There are many books on the “how to” technical aspects of planting a church or specifics of certain models, but the author asks “What about the person entrusted with this vital work?” How church planters view themselves has everything to do with their work. How they handle themselves has everything to do with planting a God-honoring church. What is going on inside the church planter has tremendous impact on the work. Topics include:
  • Idolatry
  • Success
  • Passion
  • Identity
  • Leadership
  • Faith
  • Church Planting Core Values
Some may find safety in reducing church planting to universal “how to’s.” The temptation is to rely on your plan or your technique. This book does not discourage formulating a good plan, but it encourages us to self-examine our hearts and honestly ask ourselves, where have I been relying on myself more than God and how do I change that. A must read for every church planter.