The EFCA Church Health Survey

With Digital CD

By: Jim Fann
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Recently George Gallup was quoted as saying, “The giant assumption is that because the church is growing, the people are growing. The better question is, ‘What’s going on inside the church that’s growing?'” He’s right. By itself, growth or size may or may not be a good thing. Health is the critical component.

The EFCA is serious about helping churches find out “what’s going on inside.” That’s why we developed the EFCA Church Health Survey. The result is a reliable benchmark that will enable you to zero in on decisive areas of church health.

Measuring Church Health
Why Church Health?
What is Church Health?
Measure Church Health?
Finding God’s Healthy Design
EFCA’s Church Health Survey

The Church Health Survey – General Instructions
Why This Church Health Survey?
Shape & Goal of the Survey
Steps to Complete the Church Health Survey
Tallying the Results of Your Survey
General Participant Summary Sheet
Ministry Leader Summary Sheet

General Participant Survey

Ministry Leader Survey

Survey Implementation Guide
Part 1 – Starter Questions for Self-Appraisal
Part 2 – Developing Your Ministry Action Plan
1 – What the Church Health Survey Measures
2 – Interpreting Your Church Health Scores
3 – Following up on the Church Health Survey

Church Health Survey Material on CD
General Participant Summary Sheet (Excel File)
Ministry Leader Summary Sheet (Excel File)
General Participant Survey (pdf File)
Ministry Leader Survey (pdf File)