The Diamond of Adversity

A Theology of Suffering

By: Robert C. Palmer, Heather Palmer Welesko
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Where was God when my child died? Why do I have to struggle with cancer and pain? Why doesn’t God answer my prayer?

At one time or another, these questions haunt the heart of every one of us – teasing, tormenting and torturing. What’s worse is that in our efforts to find answers, we find confusion and pain instead! Few stop to realize that the very pathways taken in quest for answers might actually be part of the problem. The “Diamond of Adversity” theory offers a new and unique approach to understanding sufferings. Come with us on a journey you’ve never before experienced and discover answers you’ve never yet enjoyed!


“Dr Palmer and Ms Welesko have crafted an invaluable resource… for pastors, clinicians, therapists or anyone who desires to understand, hear, and offer transformational insight into her own story or the stories of others. Debunking long held cliches, myths and easy answers, they offer solid wisdom into the nature of suffering. its varied dynamics, the presence of God therein and the grand story of redemption woven throughout the narrative of the individual.” – Jay McCumber, lead Pastor of cornerstone Christian Fellowship