Team Building Skill-Builders

By: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
Vendor: ChurchSmart Resources
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In almost any venture today effective teams are a key, but how do you create such a team? Effective teams do not simply 'happen'. They have to be built.

For the purposes of this Skill Builder, a team is defined as a group of between three and twenty people. Usually the team exists around a common purpose or goal. The team also has to see itself as (and behave like) a team by meeting and sharing experiences regularly.

Team building can be applied to an old or new team, a temporary or permanent team, or even a team formed specifically to achieve one simple goal in a very short time frame. In every case, the team needs to be built step by step to ensure that it performs to its highest potential through each of the stages of team development.

This 12 page Skill-Builder Booklet shows you how to apply the following key action steps:
1. Direction - Every team needs a common direction, which each member can rally behind. This is often best established by agreeing on the team's overall mission, purpose and vision
2. Values - Like direction, core values should be shared and aligned across individuals, teams and the organization as a whole
3. Roles - Clarity about individual team member style, preferences and capabilities help the team to be a high performing team
4. Ground rules - When individuals collectively discuss desired behaviours, responsibilities and accountabilities, the team has greater clarity and better understanding of its boundaries
5. Progress - By setting goals and agreeing on key performance indicators, milestones, and how recognition for success should occur, individuals are likely to feel highly motivated
6. Outcomes - The team should focus on tangible outcomes, including what can be learned from working together and how to better interface with other teams