Stepping Out – Revised Edition

A Guide to Short-Term Missions

By: Steve Hawthorne, Tim Gibson, Kn Moy, Richard Krekel
ISBN: 9781576584989
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Updated & Expanded!

Essential reading for those involved in short term missions

This book is packed with essential advice for preparing for, going on, and returning from short-term missions. Whether you are eighteen or sixty-eight, single or married with kids, the combined experience of over thirty missions leaders will help you:

  • Connect with mission agencies and pick the one that’s right for you
  • Evaluate your motives and expectations
  • Survive and thrive in foreign cultures
  • Gather needed support from your church, your pastor, and your family
  • Work with teams and leaders
  • Keep growing after you return from your tripThis tool motivates, informs of options, shapes attitudes, and helps those preparing for short term missions adjust to new cultures and working conditions. Chapters include:
  • Opening the World
  • Make the Right Connections
  • Build Bridges To Your Church
  • Prayer Power
  • Taking the Kids
  • Entering “Closed Countries”
  • Keeping Healthy
  • Linking Up For Life, and much more.