Simple Freedom

Live... Love... Laugh (In That Order)

By: Judy Brower, Neal Brower
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We're taking ourselves, other people, and this life too seriously

Life has consumed us. Good motives, goals, and dreams feel like parasites. Senses control us. Expectations paralyze us. Failure enslaves us. Freedom seems a distant, perhaps even an unreachable option.

But if God, the gospel, and our eternity matters more, in our reality, then freedom awaits. It is a simple set of truths, perspectives, and purposes that redirect our assumptions and reactions to common life occurrence. You can be set free.

Simple? Yes, but profound. Easy? No. Because we're confined in our thinking. It's a generational thing. Unconscious even.

Judy and Neal share real and familiar life experiences. What organized religion and culture Christian expectations can do to society, a church, a family and a heart needs the freedom these insights offer. Here is an invitation to a confounding, incomprehensible, at times non-sensical grace! In these pages is an invitation to live without pressure, love without limits and laugh in spite of real life.