Simple Devotion Workbook

Freeing Women's Hearts for Intimacy With Jesus

By: Judy Brower
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The Workbook:

What the book describes, the workbook encourages us to personalize. Spending four weeks on each of seven life issues for women, the workbook spends the time necessary for transformation of the heart. Designed to be used in a small group format, individuals will find it an encouraging journey as well. (180 pages, 81/2 X 11 format)

The Book:

Judy has identified seven basic needs in the heart of every woman. We are searching until we find that God is truly, fully, and finally enough. This journey invites women to walk through doors leading to a life anchored, satisfied, beautiful, unleashed, pure, strong, and influential. It is our conviction that we've spent enough time with biblical information especially since it was given to us for transformation...from the inside out. It won't always be easy, but the insight gained through the rigors of honest self-disclosure promises a new definition of devotion.