Share the Irresistible Story of Jesus

By: J. David Eshleman
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Seasoned pastor J. David Eshelman’s has three main burdens for Share the Irresistible Story of Jesus.
First, his purpose is to motivate Christians and churches to make the Great Commission the compelling passion of their lives.

Second, his passion is to help Christians raise their level of compassion for those who are lost.

And third, his prayer is that all followers of Jesus will realize that their primary calling is to move out under the Holy Spirit’s power to push back the gates of hell.

Journey with Eshelman as he takes you through the mission of Jesus, shows you how to to begin to implement that same mission in your church, and helps you press forward in living out the mission.

David Eshelman pastored a wide variety of growing congregations for nearly fifty years. He ministered in rural, urban, and suburban congregations and planted churches in Ohio and Florida. Under his leadership, Capital Christian fellowship near Washington D.C. grew from forty-five attenders to four hundred. Since 2006 he has served as a church consultant and has served over seventy congregations with his well-earned wisdom and insight.