Seeking the Pillar of Fire

Uncovering God's Direction for a Local Church

By: Steven Musser, Eric Orke
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“We believe that perhaps the greatest problem facing most local churches today is determining where God is leading them. Technology has revolutionized the way people live their lives and the values they hold. The world is growing smaller while the population grows larger and ever more diverse. Cultural values in the West have become increasingly secularized and faith is often defined individually under the umbrella of post-modernism.

Because of this, many local churches today find themselves in a position not unlike that of the Israelites during the Exodus. In an ever changing, ever more uncertain world they ask, “Where does God want us to go? How is He going to get us there, and who will He call to lead us?”

Most pastors and church leaders confess that they don’t have a lot of confidence in their knowledge and understanding of how God leads a local church in today’s context. As a result, they often wish God would provide them with a kind of “pillar of fire” like the biblical one He used to lead Israel out of Egypt, through the wilderness and into the Promised Land.

Yet despite the prevalence and critical importance of this perceived need, there is relatively little step-by-step practical help available to local churches who are seeking God’s direction for them. Perhaps this is why, after much prayer, we felt God calling us to write this book.

The content of this book has been derived from our experience as pastors, as researchers and professors in the academic world, as church consultants, as district-level leaders in a large evangelical denomination and, most importantly, as men who have prayed earnestly for the local church. While most of what is written in this book is unique, it has been scrutinized and evaluated carefully to assure that it is aligned with the Scriptures and with the existing church knowledge base.”

Included with Seeking The Pillar of Fire, a free on-line “Motives for Leading” leadership profile. This invaluable tool will will provide you with a detailed discussion and explanation of the Motives for Leading system and a Biblical model for personal change.

Authors: Steven Musser, Eric Orke