Salvation – A Bible Study Workbook for Kids

By: Richard Todd
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Designed especially for kids in grades 2-5!

The Salvation wordbook is part of a series that is most beneficial when used in combination with the other wordbooks in the series: Baptism, Church, Giving and Communion. This study on salvation is the perfect tool for introducing children to the grace that God has to offer. It is a way to lead kids toward Christ in a loving and simple way. This wordbook clarifies some of the difficult questions surrounding salvation. It makes children aware of themselves as having fallen short of the greatness of God and in need of Jesus’ saving grace. Also provided are follow up questions to make kids understand more fully why it is that they might choose to join God’s family, and what it means for their life! This provides a logical step by step explanation of salvation to guide children through this exciting step in their lives. It gives scriptural examples and explanations to engage young students in a Bible study of their own. Kids will finish this wordbook with an exciting sense of purpose and hope as they come to know their place in the family of God. Activities include a cryptogram, word search, coloring page, quiz and interview with someone “who is part of God’s family.” Children have an opportunity to become a member of God’s family and complete a “Certificate of Spiritual Birth.”