Return To Me – DVD

Answering GOD'S Beckoning Call

By: Jennifer Mauch Brown
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Do you long for peace? For rest? For a break from this crazy world? Just a minute to catch your breath? Do you yearn for something more?

That yearning is God's gentle call to you. The world tears at you and wears you down. But God will give you rest for your soul, joy for your heart, and peace for your mind. He does it with a simple, quiet call to your soul, beckoning..."Return to Me." Return to Me and you will find hope. You will know security. You will no longer need to worry about what to wear or eat. Return to Me and you will find My presence with you in every moment. You will have the wisdom and counsel you ask for. You will have refuge from your enemies, even the enemies of your mind. Return to Me and my love will be poured into you. I will carry your burdens. I will comfort you and wash away your tears. Return to Me and I will give you a new life. I plan to prosper and not harm you, to give you a hope and a future. Come, return to Me.

The world we live in is a rough place. It is evidenced by the pain, tears, and frustrations poured out in the long, dark nights of our lives. Our culture has become counter to what God calls us to, and the results are not pretty. To find something more, we must escape our culture and return to the Lord. Our story is not new. It is the same story of another group of people who lived more than 2,500 years ago, in 538 B.C. People very much like us, living in a culture very much like ours, hearing very much the same beckoning that is in your heart today..."Return to Me."

Join us for this eleven week study of those people returning to the Lord. Their journey in the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai and Zechariah will change our hearts and our lives as we answer God's call, "Return to Me."

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Jennifer Mauch Brown is simply a child of God who is overwhelmed by God's goodness, saving grace, and glory. Her enthusiastic belief that the Word of God is the absolute truth for our lives spills into her heart-felt Bible studies and energetic presentations. Jennifer founded Hope in the Lord Ministries to encourage others to never lose their precious hope in Jesus and always trust God's perfect ways. Jennifer's writing has been published by Christianity Today International and MOPS International. Jennifer, her husband, and their children live in Nebraska. You can learn more about Jennifer's speaking ministry and Bible studies at