Transitional Pastoring That Transforms Churches

By: Brian A. Thorstad
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Who this book is for

It’s for pastors who are thinking about transitional ministry

Many pastors are curious about what it would be like to do transitional ministry. Some of you have acquired a great deal of knowledge, skill and wisdom through many years of serving as a solo pastor (the only pastor of a small church), a senior or lead pastor, an associate pastor or a youth pastor. If you’re looking for something easier, this book is not for you. If you’re looking for an adventure then this book and the ministry it describes is worth your consideration. This book won’t give you all the training you need but it will tell you what you need to study and what skills you may need to develop.

It’s for transitional pastors

Some of you are already doing a great job in the ministry of helping churches survive and thrive during their transitions between long-term pastors. You may call yourself an interim pastor, an intentional interim pastor, restoration pastor or a transitional pastor. (I will have more to say about the confusing terminology of this profession later in the book.) As a professional who strives for excellence, you’re always interested in improving your skills and increasing your effectiveness. If you’re serving as a traditional transitional pastor – providing good teaching and loving shepherding care but not very involved in changing the churches that you serve – this book will definitely help you take your ministry to the next level: that of the redevelopment transitional pastor.

It’s for lay leaders

Some of you are interested in finding out what a transitional pastor might be able to bring to your congregation. You might want to go right to chapter one and learn about the value of these unique ministers of the gospel. Transitional pastors are increasingly being recommended by denominational leaders who know how much good they can do in churches. This book (and especially chapter one) will help you understand why.


Buy this book and keep it on your desk if you are a transitional pastor. Brian Thorstad has hit another home run for the growing network of transitional pastors. This wonderful addition to the church revitalization and church health community has so many key resources added to the appendix that everything you will need is included. If you are a pastor, denominational leader, or layperson within the church you will find this book highly beneficial. I foresee this resource becoming the quintessential work on preparing the transitional pastor to lead a church, which just lost its pastor, towards renewed vitality, refocused vision, and restored gospel witness to the community it has been called to reach for the sake of the gospel.

Tom Cheyney,
Executive Director of Missions, Greater Orlando Baptist Association, Author of Thirty Eight Church Revitalization Models for the Twenty-First Century, Founder and Directional Leader, Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference