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The More Jesus! Quarterly Kit comes with everything you need to teach your large group assembly and small group classes. All children study the Bible section by section and develop a deep understanding of God’s Word. Children will begin to know Jesus, love God and live their faith in practical, tangible ways. Every lesson of More Jesus! points to Kids to their heavenly Savior. Elementary ages 6-12

Each Quarterly Kit contains:

  • 1 copy: More Jesus! Large Group / Small Group Leader Guide with reproducible CD-ROM (kit only)

    Included on CD-ROM:

  • Reproducible Small Group Leader Guide (in color)
  • Reproducible Kid Talk Cards (in black & white, color editions may be purchased separately)
  • Reproducible Family Fridge Fun (in black & white, color editions may be purchased separately)

  • 1 copy: Mix It Up! Media DVD (kit only)
  • 1 copy: Reproducible Get Going! Worship CD