Putting God In His Place

Exalting God in the iCulture

By: Matt Whitman, Matt Ostercamp, Aron Utecht, Mark Coddington
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How culture recasts your church in its image and what to do about it.

In Putting God in His Place, four young evangelicals look at the American church and find that in its uneasy dance with modern culture it has moved the individual into the center of its concerns and pushed God toward the margins. Together, they examine the way the cultural forces of the marketplace, technology, democracy, and entertainment media have seeped into the church, shaping the way we see God and ourselves.


"If you love the church and are committed to seeing it prosper in the midst of a post-Christian culture, this is a book you'll want to read. It will open your eyes to some underlying assumptions we all have which, at heart, may be detrimental to healthy Christianity, both individually and corporately." - Scott Wenig, Associate Professor of Applied Theology at Denver Seminary

"In Putting God in His Place, the authors pull back the curtain-not on an individual church, but a whole generation of church life and activity in America. This book, the perspective of a younger generation of church leaders, reveals incredible insight into how the American church is guilty of being sucked in by cultural values that are unbiblical... It is clear that the authors not only want to open our eyes to how we have been duped by culture, but they want us to do something positive about it." - Larry Fowler, author of Raising a Modern Day Joseph, and Rock Solid Kids

"This book is for those who dare to raise unsettling questions about the Church and its life in the world, in the interest of having their vision pleasantly, if sometimes painfully, corrected. It takes courage to write this sort of thing, and humility to read it. Those who do so will find the sting of its critique more than matched by the hope of its proposals, and the Church will be the better for it. After all, [that] is the authors' passion and goal, for the Church to be truly the Church as the visible embodiment of God's presence and glory in the world." - Vernon J. Steiner, Ph.D. President, The MIQRA Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska

Authors: Matt Whitman, Matt Ostercamp, Aron Utecht, Mark Coddington