Principles and Practices of Discipleship

The 7 + 1 Environments of Discipleship

By: Dr. Stephen D. Elliott
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The objective of this book is to offer practical helps to churches wanting to become better at fulfilling our biblical mandate to ‘go and make disciples’ (Mt. 28:19). The goal is to provide real-life suggestions for the development of passionate and committed followers of Christ and to encourage local churches to utilize all 7 settings of discipleship:
1. Large Group Discipleship: Groups of 70+.
2. Midsize Group Discipleship: Groups of 15 to 70.
3. Small Group Discipleship: groups of 10 to 15
4. Family Discipleship the family unit
5. 1-on-1 Discipleship/Mentoring/Coaching: groups of 2 or 3
6. Spiritual Retreat Discipleship
7. Discipleship by Personal Devotions, Acts of piety and service

From the Preface by Bill Hull
I found many practical means to making disciples. I have been working with congregants and leaders for many years. Nothing happens until they have the knowledge and skills to proceed with what they care about. After they have understood Why ? they want to engage and What ? they want to make, nothing happens until they learn How ? to get it done. How is primarily them being shown how to do something as an apprentice. That is why I liked the various methods and venues that were presented by Dr. Elliott.