Pray and Watch

By: Neal & Judy Brower
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You can't save a soul.

Now that we've cleared that up, let's celebrate the fact that we can have an immediate and ever-rippling impact on the kingdom building Jesus is doing! That's right. You don't need another seminar, theological training, a different personality, or more and better spiritual gifts. You don't need courage, boldness, or even a voice!

Pray & Watch is not a book about evangelism. It isn't a book about prayer. It's a book about aligning our perspective with the heart and sovereign plan and process of God with the result that we see the people in our world differently than ever before.

You want to live faithfully with the great commission in mind. You care genuinely about people who are perishing. But if things keep going the way they are, you might be like the majority of the historical American church, never experiencing the incredible elation of taking part in the salvation of someone you care for.

Pray, asking God to do what He loves...saving human souls.

Watch as He actually does it...all around you.