Pathways and Ponderings

By: Wesley Johnson
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Is it possible to know God? The Bible promises that knowing God is not only possible, but that God longs for people to know Him. In the book of Genesis, God had a close bond and fellowship with Adam and Eve. They "chatted" frequently about their relationship and eternal living. But the text also indicates that Eve discussed these things with Lucifer. Eve and Satan knew the requirements of righteous living for fellowship with God, as well as the consequences for failing to keep His law. Eve's struggle is one we all share today. How do we bring our thoughts and intents in line with our Lord? How does God's all-knowing mind deal with and react to our runaway thoughts and minds? How does God balance judgment and death on one hand and forgiveness and life on the other?

Dr. Johnson explores these thoughts and more in this collection of essays where he share his heart and his experiences from over sixty years in ministry and a lifetime of "chatting" with God.

DR. WESLEY JOHNSON has ministered in the Evangelical Free Church denomination for 65 years and considers the Free Church his home - relationally, spiritually and vocationally. He has served churches in Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana, and served as the Great Lakes District Superintendent.