Paradigm Shift in the Church

By: Christian Schwartz
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ISBN: 9781889638058
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Paradigm Shift in the Church speaks about nothing less than a reformation. Some critics suggested that this term sounds rather lofty. That may be true. But Christian Schwarz is convinced that we will make no significant progress in our churches without changes as radical as those of the Reformation.

In the Introduction to this book Schwarz says, 'Every reformation movement is confronted with an opposing force known as 'orthodoxy'. This was true in the days of the 16th century Reformation (when the opponent was Roman Catholic orthodoxy); it was true in the days of the Pietistic revival in Europe (which was opposed by orthodox Protestants); and the same seems to apply to the different movements that fight for a reformation of their churches today.'

This book presents the theological paradigm that is the foundation of the practical tools and concepts behind natural church development. Natural church development is not just one church growth method among many, it is a different theological paradigm altogether. It introduces a different way of thinking for Christians. You may be wondering, can we really experience something like a new reformation in our days? Yes, in many churches around the globe there are signs that this is far more than a vague hope.