Overcoming Resistance to Change

Leadership Files - Real Solutions for Real Problems

By: Charles Ridley and Steven Goodwin
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Few obstacles present more of a challenge to church leaders than resistance to change. It stops progress in its tracks and prevents the implementation of new ideas in our congregations. Yet the more we try to fight that resistance, the stronger it seems to get.

The Leadership Files series tackles the issue as it makes its debut with Overcoming Resistance to Change by Dr. Charles Ridley and Steven Goodwin. The 70 page file takes an in-depth look at the issues surrounding this resistance - including the reasons change efforts often fail, an analysis of various types of resistance and their root causes, the qualities of effective change leaders, and strategies for overcoming resistance.

Overcoming Resistance to Change offers more depth and substance than most popular books, yet presents the material in a distilled form that allows readers to absorb the information more quickly. Filled with practical principles and real world examples, the content is readily applicable to the challenges change leaders face. Quite possibly, the challenges found in your world!

About the Authors:

Dr. Charles Ridley, professor at Indiana State University, is recognized as one of the leading experts in the fields of Organizational Development and Ethnic Psychology. Steven Goodwin, a practitioner on the front lines of ministry, has extensive background working with turnaround churches and a gift for meaningfully communicating his experience in relevant and applicable ways.