Oozes and Awes in God’s Creation

Ages 3 - 5

By: Bible FunStuff
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Rainbows, flowers, honeybees. The natural world is filled with exciting new experiences for preschoolers to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. Natural curiosity makes them eager to explore everything in God's magnificent creation from their own bodies to the weather to the animal kingdom. And while they're having fun with these simple, age-appropriate projects, they're absorbing biblical truth: the God who loves them also created this awesome universe!

A part of the Bible FunStuff series, Ooze and Awes in God's Creation has twenty-six creative activities that engage kids with fantastic, Bible-focused, high-energy fun! Correlated with Bible-in-Life and Echoes curriculum for September 2009 through June 2010, it's loaded with innovative ideas. Supported with scripture references and teacher tips, this book provides a great resource for alternative Step 3 activities. This handy resource fits well with any curriculum and also can be used for stand-alone activities.