The Splendor of the Diverse Church

By: Dr. Ron King
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Ron King leads a fellowship that does church in six languages and has a very cool mix of cultures and ethnicities. He shares, “Twenty years ago we were over 95% Caucasian. Today we are less than 50%. And our diversity is much broader than simply the ethnic diversity we enjoy. It includes a multitude of nationalities, socio-economic status, gender and differently abled people. We have planted churches with our DNA. We have incubated ethnic specific churches, helping them get on their feet and flourish, and then seen them leave the nest and grow. We’ve experienced disappointing failures, unexpected setbacks and plenty of God inspired wins along the way. I have been here over nine years and it keeps getting better. I love what God is doing both in my church and in me.”

The type of church the author is advocating in this book may seem like a mythical creature to some of you, one you’ve never been able to glimpse in the wild. Maybe you have yet to be convinced that a church where people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, genders and abilities can worship, follow Christ, make disciples and experience true fellowship is a vision for the Church worth pursuing. Ron King is seeing and leading and experiencing the beauty of this kind of church, up-close and personal. It’s breathtakingly amazing. It’s also well worth your effort to discover!

About the Author
Ron King is Lead Pastor of Bridges Community Church. Fremont, CA. ( Ron holds a D. Min from Bethel Seminary and an M.A. in International Relations from the University of San Diego. He is passionate about making disciples of every ethnos.