Making Peace Kit

Growing Redemptive Community

By: Jim Van Yperen
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Had Jesus been walking in California 2000 years ago, not Galilee, he might have said to his disciples "the Kingdom of God is like a Sequoia seed." The Sequoia seed is among the smallest of the evergreen seeds yet it produces the oldest, grandest and tallest trees in the world - some living for 3,000 years and rising to 300 feet in height. Giant Sequoias reflect the Kingdom in another way also: God created them to be the most fire, disease, and insect resistant trees in the world. As the tree grows, lower branches fall away and upper branches become large and irregular. This prevents fire from climbing a "fire ladder" up the tree. The bark of the Giant Sequoias is thick, fibrous and contains a natural tannin that acts as both a fire extinguisher and insect repellant. The outer bark can be up to two feet thick and is completely lacking of resins, making it essentially fire proof. yet the intense heat of a forest fire is an essential part of the Sequoias life cycle - to clear the forest canopy and to release the Sequoia seed for successful regeneration. The Sequoia cone will not release seed until subjected to extreme heat.

God never intended the church to live without conflict. Instead, He gave the Church, like the Sequoia, everything we need to resist, endure and even grow under intense pressure and heat. In the everyday world of church leadership, conflict is inevitable. Making Peace will help you see it is often necessary for you and you people to grow into the redemptive community God desires. This resource kit will help you understand and implement God's calling for us to be a called-out, called-together community that makes peace.

You will learn:

  • How you response to conflict often makes it worse
  • How to handle conflict receptively and make peace
  • How to speak the truth in love
  • How and why we must confess
  • How to forgive like Jesus
  • Why accountability, disciple and restitution are necessary for restoration
  • How to handle opposition
  • How to lead change receptively