Making Life Count

Following Jesus in the 21st Century

By: Robert Logan and Tara Miller
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Most of the time it’s the simple stuff that derails our discipleship …

We all have dreams and desires. We want to feel like we’re making a difference in this world, contributing our gifts and talents. We want to know that God is using us to build his kingdom. We may even want to be a leader someday. But we also have challenges and distractions, problems and obstacles. And we’re often not sure how to get around them.

Most of the time it’s the simple stuff that derails our discipleship: Low on time, low on money, losing track of what we were supposed to be doing. Our lives just don’t seem in order. We’re like a wagon in the mud: we want to move forward, but we just keep getting stuck. Sometimes we’re just spinning our wheels; other times it feels like the wheels are going to come right off. We feel overloaded and overwhelmed.

Making Life Count is for you who want to:

  • have time to do what you really want to do
  • feel like you’re moving in a clear direction
  • stop feeling caught in the rat race
  • know that your life is counting for something

The goal of Making Life Count is to combine basic discipleship with basic life skills to help people achieve the kind of life they want.