Makerific Wows! Ages 8-12

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Lots of kids love crafts—and everyone loves toys and games! Makerific WOWS!: 54 Surprising Bible crafts is a great ministry resource if you're looking for something to supplement your Bible lessons. This Sunday school resource is filled with these Bible-related 3-D crafts pulled from the popular Dig In Sunday school curriculum. Your 8- to 12-year olds will love making these functional toys and fun projects that focus on the life of Jesus. Here are just a few of the 54 clever Sunday school craft ideas included in this children's ministry resource:

  • a balloon-powered car that teaches about Jesus' power
  • a change jar to remind kids that Jesus changes us
  • a Velcro catch game that reminds kids that Jesus sticks with us
  • a bird feeder reminding kids of Jesus' care for them
  • a maze kids can roll a ball through, reminding them that Jesus shows us the right way

These kids' crafts use simple supplies you can find at your local Walmart... or in your supply closet... or even in your trash! The Scripture and topical indexes make it easy to find a craft that goes with your Bible lesson.

Even your nonartistic kids will have a blast making these fun crafts—and then taking them home to put them to use! No more crafts left behind in the classroom or discarded on the floor of the car. No more 2-dimensional art for parents to clutter their fridge. Get kids making things they'll want to keep! This book includes reproducible pages.