Living The Beatitudes – 2nd Edition

By: John W. Fogal
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Life is full of choices. What we do, where we go and what we consume each day are areas of our life where we either make wise or unwise decisions. Every decision impacts our life in both positive and negative ways.
Health and being healthy are hot topics. Experts predict that before long our federal government will be spending 20 percent of its budget on healthcare. All kinds of mental disorders continue to plague our society. Social ills and dysfunction scream for attention in our media headlines and TV shows. But the greatest need of all is for spiritual health in our world.
So, what does a spiritually healthy person look like? After all, healthy churches will not exist if individual members are not spiritually healthy. The goal of this book is to answer that question and show that “Christ in you” is the only way to become spiritually healthy.
Jesus described what this kind of life would look like by giving us an eight-sided picture of Himself in what we call the Beatitudes. When people choose to live these Beatitudes in the life of a local church they are spiritually healthy and they experience a taste of heaven on earth.
Living the Beatitudes provides the reader with an opportunity to make significant life choices:
  • Will I live my life in total dependence upon God?
  • Will I live my life obeying God’s Word?
  • Will I live my life with a tender heart?
  • Will I live my life yielding my rights to God?
  • Will I live my life experiencing an appetite for the things of God?
  • Will I live my life forgiving others?
  • Will I live my life choosing personal purity?
  • Will I live my life as a peacemaker?
  • Will I live my life rejoicing even in difficult circumstances?

Now the choice is yours. Choose wisely … and live the Beatitudes!

About the Author:
John Fogal served as a pastor in four churches over 22 years, as a District Superintendent for 18 years. For 12 years John worked with over 150 churches to implement the Natural Church Development methodology, coaching churches in a process of becoming healthier. He and his wife Bonnie reside in Ft. Wayne, IN and Lakeland, FL depending on the season. For more information, visit the authors web site,