Little Seeds of Hope

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If you are someone who would not call yourself a Christian, but you are curious about Jesus and need encouragement, then this book is for you. If you are a burnt-out Christian whose heart has been broken and are tired of putting on the “My Life is Perfect” mask, then this book is for you. Maybe you’ve been friends with Jesus a long time but need a new perspective, to hear a fresh voice, then this book is for you as well.

“I wanted people to know that no one has it all together and that they are not alone in their pain,” writes Belyea. “Being a pastor’s wife and worship leader doesn’t mean I have to put on a phony mask of perfection. I will NOT be ashamed of the places where God has rebuilt and restored my life. I am a work in progress. He is making me beautiful and He ALWAYS finishes what He starts.”

About the Author:

Maria Belyea is a pastor’s wife, mother of two, worship leader, Registered Nurse, Licensed Minister of the Gospel with the Evangelical Free Church of America, and an “Encouragement Ninja.” In her early forties, Maria had a mid-life revival. She went back to college, finished her bachelor’s degree in English, made a commitment to get healthy and lost over 100 pounds. Her ultimate goal is to write books that spread faith, hope, and love. “Little Seeds of Hope: 100 Days of Encouragement” is the first installment of that dream.

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