Listening Effectiveness Profile

By: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
Vendor: ChurchSmart Resources
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This competency-based instrument helps determine listening effectiveness as a vital part of the communication process. The fact that we retain only about 20% of what we hear makes listening (and learning to listen) a real challenge. Good listening requires effort.

This self-assessment helps you determine your strengths and development needs in seven core competencies that will help you become a more effective listener. It includes interpretative information and tips on how you can further develop your skills in each of the key areas:

1. Pre-disposition/temperament
2. Creating a conducive climate
3. Showing positive interest
4. Reading the speaker
5. Empathizing
6. Paying attention and concentrating
7. Understanding and reflecting the message

The first of these, pre-disposition/temperament is different to the other six and has an impact on the supplementary categories. Each section has 12 statements to which respondents answer on a five-point Likert scale from Almost Always to Almost Never.

An aggregate score is obtained in each which is then plotted on an interpretative Spider diagram to graphically demonstrate your Listening Profile. Notes on each section are included as well as a personal action plan.

Although primarily intended as a self-assessment the questions have been worded so this tool can also be used for 180 or 360-degree feedback (by purchasing extra copies of this booklet - one for each respondent).

To enhance the insights gained from this Profile and help with the development of the Personal Action Plan we have developed the 12 Page Skill Builder Booklet