Legacy Churches

By: Stephen Gray, Frank Dumond
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There are churches all across America going through tough times. It is possible that your church falls into this category. The church you love and have worshiped in for many years has been slowly losing its effectiveness in reaching the community. After years of service and sacrificial ministry, after many lives and families have been impacted, the end seems to be lurking just outside the doors. The once lively and vibrant building you call your church home seems more like a museum. Your church may even be wrestling with the idea of closing its doors.

  • What are you to do?
  • Where do you go for answers?
  • Is there any hope?
  • Have you considered becoming a legacy church?

To leave a legacy is to pass on to future generations something of great significance. Leaving a legacy should be the hope of every church! If your church can give birth to a new church, that new church can carry forward your values and beliefs and continue to fulfill your mission to bring life-change to the community.

Legacy Churches has been written to offer hope, wisdom and courage to leaders who must consider the pathway of becoming a legacy church.