Learning Styles Profile

By: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
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Learners come in a variety of sizes, shapes and from many cultural backgrounds. In addition, their past experience and existing methods of learning may be very different. Some will like to process information through text; others will want visual support and images. Some will prefer to learn alone, while others will prefer to work in groups. Some will grasp information intuitively and quickly whereas others will prefer to see a strong sequential path and like time to reflect. In the end, the only thing you can be certain of is that every individual learns in his or her own particular way.

Understanding your particular learning style can help you understand why you learn more easily in certain situations than in others. It will also give you insight into the delivery styles of educators and why you prefer some styles to others.

For trainers and facilitators, understanding the learning styles of their target group helps them tailor their delivery to be more effective.

Using paired questions, this self assessment helps you determine your preferred learning style and then understand how you can enhance your learning potential in the future. Responses are recorded on a separate carbon sheet.

The different styles are discussed and then the whole instrument is summarised in an effective learning cycle flowchart.

To enhance the insights gained from this Instrumentt and help with the development of the Personal Action Plan we have developed the 12 Page Skill Builder Booklet