Leading Through Change

Shepherding the Town and Country Church in a New Era

By: Barney Wells, Martin Giese, Ron Klassen
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Rural areas are experiencing changes. Changes brought by an encroaching city. Changes brought by communication technologies such as the internet and satellite TV. Changes brought by urbanites buying land and making the area their personal retreat. In short, rural areas are experiencing changes that they are not seeking, but must now respond to. This book is about leading through change, whether it be proactive or reactive.

You might be facing issues such as these:

  • Our community is changing but our church is not
  • Our church’s worship style hasn’t changed in recent memory
  • Our church is not reaching the young people in the community
  • Our church is declining
  • Our church has newcomers that are bringing ideas that meet resistance and even create conflict
  • Our church building is run-down and sends the message that we are old, tired and worn out

Change is already happening in your town. Learn how to lead your church to greater effectiveness and fruitfulness through this change.