Leadership Skill Builder

By: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
Vendor: ChurchSmart Resources


There seems to be no definitive model for leadership effectiveness that can be carefully followed to ensure success. Nevertheless, we are fortunate to be able to draw on the writing of many of the best thinkers on the subject.

Some of the themes emerging from their work are that leaders:

    • Are driven from a strong set of values and intelligence about people's feelings
    • See possibilities and potential that are often invisible to others
    • Describe a vision of the future and illuminate paths to get there
    • Encourage creativity, innovation, and lateral thinking
    • Enable individuals and teams to manage personal change and reach for higher goals
    • Help to guide people's relationships with one another
    • Walk-the-talk and listen and learn along the way
    • Often have extraordinary strength and persistence

This 12 page Skill-Builder Booklet explores what it takes to apply all of the above skills while working through the following key action steps:
1. Learning as much as possible about yourself as a person and then about others and the possibilities for a leadership role in the future
2. Empowering individuals and teams by creating a climate in which everyone feels that they can and should give their very best effort
3. Assessing specific strategies and goals that you set as a leader and setting targets that people can aim to achieve under your guidance
4. Deciding what methods and measures are most appropriate to use in achieving the strategies and goals that you have established
5. Evaluating individuals and the group that you lead in terms of overall behavior, teamwork and outcomes
6. Reviewing your own performance as a leader in terms of the progress achieve with and through people to discern how successful you have been.

To continue to develop key skills in this area, a robust competency assessment is needed to show the strengths and development needs of an individual. This can be achieved by using the Leadership Effectiveness Profile.