KJV Primary Teacher Kit

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Title: God Plans

Bible Truths: God's Plan for Creation Begins; God's Plan for Salvation Begins

Bible Passages: Genesis

Course Description: Primary students will learn about God's plan for creating the world. They will recognize God as their creator. They will also learn God's plan to save the world through Christ beginning with God's provision for Adam and His promises to Abraham. Students will be encouraged to trust in Christ as their Savior.

The Primary teacher kit is an essential part of the new Strong Kids™ curriculum. It contains all the teaching resources and visuals you need as well as a sample of most of the other components of the Primary curriculum. (It does not include the music CD, which is a one-time purchase.) This kit will be the main resource you use in effectively teaching children to know and love the Lord. Order one kit for each class.

Kit Contents
Teacher Guide
Student Book*
Set of Take-Home Papers*
One Attendance Chart and Stickers*
Teaching picture book
Die-cut flannelgraph figures
Resource CD with online download code
DVD of Bible stories
* Order additional copies for classroom use.

Strong Curriculum™ builds stronger churches through teaching all the Scripture to produce spiritually mature believers who measure up to the stature of Christ. Strong Kids for Primaries tracks through the Bible chronologically but breaks at times to provide students with a deep understanding of Jesus and His part in God's plan to save the world. Students grasp Who Jesus is, what He is like, and why He came to earth.