KJV High School Teacher Guide

Fall 2021

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Next to your Bible, your teacher guide is the most important resource you have in teaching High School students. This book leads you step-by-step in preparing Bible lessons that connect to ninth- through twelfth-graders. In it you will find Bible lessons, activity ideas, games, practical applications, and so much more. A unique feature of this guide, and of all the Strong Curriculum® teacher guides, is that every lesson has an intentional focus on spiritual growth and gives you tools for measuring that growth. 13 sessions. Order one for each teacher and leader in your department. One guide included in each teacher kit.

Strong Curriculum® builds stronger churches through teaching all the Scripture to produce spiritually mature believers who measure up to the stature of Christ. Strong Students for High School shapes students' thinking during their most formative years, preparing them to carry Biblical thinking into adulthood. The strength of this curriculum is its extensive coverage of Biblical truth, which exposes students to the many facets of the Bible. In addition to Bible book studies, students take on challenging concepts, such as theological studies, practical issues, and evangelism.