Isaac & Jacob

Lessons for the Family

By: Robert Stevens
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The aim of these studies is to help people to receive by faith eternal life, to discover the abundant life Jesus promised and to promote the joy God offers.

  • In-depth approach to meaningful Bible study
  • Small group accountability
  • Great for group or individual studyLife Discovery Bible Studies provide a variety of Bible book and topical studies for individuals and groups of all sizes wanting to dig deeper into God’s Word and draw closer to Him. For more than 40 years, thousands of people have been involved in a Life Discovery Bible Study. Many evangelical churches have found the Life Discovery Bible Study Series to be a valuable part in discipling adults. Lives are changed and participants directed into service for their church. Dr. Robert Stevens developed each study using simple yet powerful lessons taken directly from God’s Word.


Lesson 1 The Early Patriarchs, Genesis 1:1 – 25:11
Lesson 2 Esau and Jacob, Genesis 25:12 – 34
Lesson 3 Isaac at Gerar and Beersheba, Genesis 26:1 – 35
Lesson 4 The Stolen Blessing, Genesis 27:1 – 46
Lesson 5 Jacob at Bethel, Genesis 28:1 – 22
Lesson 6 Jacob at Paddan-Aram, Genesis 29:1 – 30:43
Lesson 7 Departure from Paddan-Aram, Genesis 31:1 – 55
Lesson 8 Reunion with Esau, Genesis 32:1 – 33:17
Lesson 9 At Shechem and Bethel, Genesis 33:18 – 35:15
Lesson 10 The End of an Era, Genesis 35:15 – 36:43