In Pursuit of Peter the Apostle

By: Dr. Constantine Campbell
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How did Peter transform from an uneducated fisherman into one of the most celebrated and beloved Jesus-followers in history? New Testament scholar Con Campbell explores the places where Peter lived and traveled—including the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, and Rome—to find answers. Con's inquisitive mind and adventurous spirit create an engaging travelogue-style program that both entertains and enlightens. After watching this seven-part series, viewers will better understand how Jesus slowly transformed Peter's outlook from worldly cowardice to otherworldly glory.

Con Campbell, PhD, is a New Testament scholar, musician, seminary professor, and author of Paul and Union with Christ. His curiosity to know Paul better led him to explore Paul’s life, from his radical transformation to his missionary journeys to his martyrdom in Rome. Each of the seven parts of this series is approximately 22 minutes in length and highlights an aspect of Paul’s life. Bonus features include Con’s faith journey and expanded explanations of Paul’s letters.

Part 1 – Transformed
Before the apostle Paul was a friend of the faith, he was an enemy. From birth to rebirth, Campbell explores the radical transformation that left Paul fully committed to Jesus as Christ, Lord, God, and Saviour.

Part 2 – Called
Investigate Paul’s three “silent years” after his conversion that took place in Arabia (Jordan) where he became prepared for his mission.

Part 3 – Mission to the World
Trace Paul’s first missionary journey from the island of Cyprus to what is modern-day Turkey, and understand his challenge of telling the story of Jesus to a Gentile, Roman culture.

Part 4 – Wisdom of the Cross
Embark on Paul’s second missionary journey to a new continent and to Athens—the heart of Greco-Roman thought and wisdom—where he reasoned with his listeners and presented the wisdom of the cross.

Part 5 – Christ Above All
Paul’s third and final missionary journey includes Ephesus, one of the most prominent idol- worshiping cities of the Roman Empire, and ends in Jerusalem.

Part 6 – Secure in the Storm
Campbell follows Paul’s last years from arrest and trial in Israel to his shipwreck on the island of Malta to Rome where he was imprisoned.

Part 7 – Finishing the Race
Paul’s journey nears its conclusion as he writes more letters under house arrest and eventually is martyred. His life can be summarized by some of his last words: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”