Images of the Spirit LGBS

LifeGuide Bible Study - 8 Lessons

By: Dale & Sandy Larsen
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About the Book

How do you picture the Holy Spirit?

Our imagination is likely to run to something like a vague fuzzy cloud. Or perhaps we think of an invisible, impersonal force. No wonder the Holy Spirit is often called “it.” While Christians affirm that the Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, we struggle to think of him as a person at all.

The Bible is clear that the Holy Spirit is a person. But how can human beings understand who he is? Scripture helps us by giving us strong word pictures of the Spirit as wind, fire, a counselor, anointing oil and more. As you go through these eight Bible studies by Dale and Sandy Larsen, you will find that your mental picture of the Spirit comes into focus. And even better, you will find that you can have a real relationship with the third person of the Trinity as you experience the power, comfort and gifts that flow out from the Spirit.