Homes Of Light

Reaching Women For Christ

By: Judie Colyer
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Do you find it awkward to have a spiritual conversation with a seeker? “Homes of Light” can change all that. It can begin the conversation. As a woman, learn how to use your God-given gifts to reach others in a non-threatening home environment. Team up with other believers. Pray and pray some more. Trust God to do the work. The Home events are simply tools to open up opportunities with seekers to show them who Jesus is.

On these pages, you will be amazed at the stories of ordinary women seeing God do extraordinary things in their lives..and in the lives of seekers in their sphere of influence. Friends, neighbors, family, co-workers: they can all be influenced for Christ at a Home event. Women love to get together, women love celebrating holidays, and most importantly women are yearning for truth, hope and real love. Jesus wants to offer that to them, through you. Who in your life is waiting for that offer?

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