High Point: Patience

By: Gospel Publishing House
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High Point curriculum guides kids to be more like Jesus, one biblical character trait at a time. Intentional five-session themes emphasize the same main Point and Bible verse each session. Hands-on activities, Crazy Character skits, and interactive Bible stories make the sessions' truths tangible. Small group times help kids take those truths to heart.
Easy-to-lead and flexible for evening programs, midweek, children's church, Sunday school, and more. Kits include: Session Guide with CD-ROM of reproducibles, Unit DVD, Posters, Plus resources for 8 kids: Travel Journals, Postcards, Passports, and Stickers.

Kids discover that choosing to
have patience may not always be
easy or fair, but when they decide
to do things God's way, they'll see
His plan for their lives is worth the

Bible focus: Abraham.