Grow Together Now Vol 1

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13 Sunday School Lessons for Kids of All Ages in One Room
Equip kids with the character qualities they need to each become the person God created them to be. Volumes 1 & 2 of these exciting, hands-on Bible lessons explore the character qualities of forgiveness, peacemaking, having a servant’s heart, humility, kindness, and cooperation.
Kids will explore each character quality in memorable lessons that are rooted in Scripture and reinforce God’s foundational plan for a fruitful Christian life. Plus, the DVD includes videos that reinforce what kids learn.
With these lessons, you’ll introduce kids of all ages to:
• Forgiveness—Trusting God to help me love others who hurt me.
• Peacemaking—Getting along with others.
• Servant’s Heart—Thinking of others before I think of myself.
Includes reproducibles and a DVD!