God’s Plan for Church Multiplication

A Biblical Blueprint

By: Bob Nieuwendorp
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SKU: 9780911802412


In the opening pages of Scripture and at the conclusion of the Gospels we find two incredibly importaqnt imperatives for God’s people: “Multiply” and “Make disciples.” If you have ever wondered how these integral commands are connected and what their implications for ministry might be, then join Bob Nieuwendorp as he relates critical theological principles of church multiplication to pragmatic wisdom for church planting.

Drawing from over three decades of serious study and church planting experience, Pastor Nieuwendorp is a trustworthy guide, and any pastor, church planter, or ministry leader will surely benefit from his biblically founded model for church planting. If you are more concerned with being biblically faithful than chasing after the latest church growth fads, then this is a great place to start. If you desire to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, the greatest disciplemaker, and align yourself with God’s redemptive call to multiplication, then God’s Plan for Church Multiplication: A Biblical Blueprint is absolutely for you.

It is a special pleasure to endorse this most unusual book from a long-time friend, Bob Nieuwendorp. Here is a book that has been lived out in real life and used as a basis for a most exciting and God-ordained method of planting the seeds of the Christian Gospel in the heartland of our country with the Evangelical Free Church of America. The multiplication that has taken place is surely an endorsement from heaven of God’s blessing on those who have honored God’s approved method of sowing the seed of the Gospel and seeing the harvest. I encourage both pastors and clergy to reflect on the Biblical principles discussed here so that the increase in the number of those coming to the Savior will be enormous..
Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
President Emeritus
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Hamilton, MA