Goals & Objectives Skill-Builders

By: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
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Advice about setting and achieving goals and objectives now seems to come from almost every quarter. The broad encouragement to set goals for ministry, education, work, recreation, and even in retirement suggests that goal-setting is something we will need to do all our lives in order to be successful, grow and progress in meaningful ways.

This topic explores the process involved in setting overall strategy or targets to be achieved and then focuses on the specific steps needed to set meaningful objectives and work towards your goals (whether these goals are at work or in an individual's personal life).

This 12 page Skill-Builder Booklet shows you how to apply the following key action steps:
1. Researching your personal desires, intentions and ambitions related to your personal and work goals
2. Reflecting on your future direction, including taking into account input from others and what you can estimate about the future
3. Writing initial draft goals or objectives that are clearly worded and take into account the resources that are likely to be needed
4. Raising standards and establishing targets to ensure that the goals that you set are challenging enough to achieve meaningful and significant outcomes
5. Recording the efforts and outcomes that you attain through sound goal measurement systems, allowing you to progressively track progress
6. Reviewing the effectiveness of recorded goals, in terms of clarity, the logic of the process, and the extent to which they achieved the intended outcomes being sought