Friends with God Bible Lessons – Old Testament

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Friends with God Bible Lessons – Old Testament

13 Surprising Visitors Bring the Bible to Life

by Group Publishing

You’re about to have 13 surprising visitors come to your Sunday school class…and change the way kids look at the Bible!

Imagine what it would be like to have Abram himself drop in and share about the night God showed him a sky full of stars, and made a life-changing promise.

Or picture the power of Moses delving into his adventures, bringing kids along to Egypt, the Red Sea…and freedom!

And, if Naomi visited your classroom, how powerful would her story be, drawing kids into an epic journey with Ruth?

Well, that’s just how real, surprising, and memorable your ministry is about to become! Each of these 13 hour-long lessons includes an interactive script in which a Bible character drops in on your classroom to share his or her incredible, true adventures—and bring kids (grades 1-5) along for the ride. Each of these Biblical accounts is told in the first person, inspired by the delightful Friends With God Story Bible (a great companion resource for your students). As kids explore the Bible story along with “the source,” they’ll discover that these action-packed, emotion-filled stories actually happened to real people.

All you need is a hammy volunteer who can look the script over and be familiar with it—and willing to have fun with their role. You’ll be on-hand to pass out props and lead kids in joining the Bible adventure with all of their senses. Oh, and of course each lesson includes friend-making icebreakers, giggle-inducing games, creative crafts, and powerful prayer times to reach every kind of learner.

This book includes reproducible pages.