Following Christ – Required Reading for Book 1

Experiencing Life the Way It Was Meant to Be

By: Joseph M. Stowell
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Required Reading for Book 1, Becoming A Fully-Devoted Follower of Christ


Do you want your life to count for Christ? Would you like to make a real impact for God’s kingdom in this world? You can, and you don’t have to be a great leader for it to happen. Just a good follower.

In Following Christ, Joseph Stowell shows why Christ’s command to “Follow me” isn’t merely the starting point of Christianity. It’s the very heartbeat of vibrant, effective faith. And it’s not just for a few gifted leaders, but for all believers. Stowell shows you what happens when an ordinary man or woman pursues not the trappings of Christianity, but Christ himself. You’ll discover

• What a “non-negotiated follower” looks like
• Why God does his best work through followers
• Why self-directed living is a recipe for emptiness
• What makes Christ so worth following
• What it means to pick up your cross
• Why a close walk with Jesus is the key to effective living

Following Christ paints a compelling portrait of Christianity the way God intended it, marked by simplicity, vigorous faith, purpose and direction, soul-winning impact on others . . . and above all, a joyous, growing closeness with Christ.